Single-use FlowMaxx Pro Lab Pump

Single-Use Pumps

Choose from a range of pumps that cover the full breadth of single-use liquid transfer needs, from low volume-low flow to high volume-high flow and everything in between. Our offering includes our innovative FlowMaxx Pro pumps that integrate flow and pressure sensors.

FlowMaxx Pro 150 Quaternary Diaphragm Pump
Multi-Use Pumps

Gently, safely and securely move aqueous solutions and shear sensitive biological products.

Micro-Dosing Lab Pump
Micro-Dosing Pumps

Our Micro-Dosing Pumps meet industry standards for accurate dispensing while delivering high precision.

Peristaltic Lab Pump
Peristaltic Pumps

Our VerderFlex Peristaltic pumps feature repeatable dosing for low to medium flow at low to medium pressures.

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Choose the right pump for your application

Which lab pump should you use for your bioprocess?

Both diaphragm pumps, peristaltic pumps, and piston pumps are used in life science applications, but when it comes to bioprocess manufacturing, each pump has it’s unique advantages.

High Volume and Flow Rate Accuracy

For a process that requires continuous steady flow with high volume and flow rate accuracy, our piston pumps are the ideal solution. With pulseless dosing, our Swissinnov pumps are designed to deliver accurate dosing, pulseless flow, mixing, and ultra small volume.

Additionally, the Swissinnov NaoStedi pump is distinctive in that it is ready-to-use, allowing for easy implementation into any process.

Low Particle Generation

In addition to maintaining the purity of your bioprocess fluid, diaphragm pumps deliver lower particle generation throughout your process.

At the low flow rates typically needed for filtration, chromatography, or any type of purification, only diaphragm pumps can be relied on for low particle generation. The gentle working principle of the 4-piston Quattroflow pump minimizes stress, reducing the potential for particle contamination.

Mimicking nature for gentle fluid transfer

With a design that replicates the action of a beating heart, Quattroflow Diaphragm Pumps draw inspiration from nature itself to ensure the gentle conveyance of extremely delicate biologically active molecules. 

With each “heartbeat,” fluid is moved in response to displacement of the four diaphragms which are controlled by an eccentric shaft connected to a servo motor. This evolutionary design gently, safely and securely conveys aqueous solutions and biologics that are sensitive to shear force with minimal impact.


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