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Enhance any HPNE product with services that help you overcome bioprocessing challenges and efficiently meet regulatory requirements.


Increase Productivity. Accelerate Innovation.

From our state-of-the-art facilities, our expert teams act as an extension of your organization, enabling you to stay focused on productivity and innovation.

  • Process Scale Up
  • System Integrity Testing
  • Engineering Design
  • Material Compatibility Testing
  • Bioburden & Sterility Testing
    • Dose Audits
    • Bioburden Testing
    • Sterility Validation
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Technical Support

What can we help you with? Whether you have a quick question about a product or need to overcome a more complex challenge, we have a team that knows how to listen and is ready to move mountains to help.

With an in-depth understanding of our products, the industry, and a wide range of specific applications, our technical support team is here to support your process and exceed your expectations.

Local Support

HPNE provides local service and support for clients located in the Northeastern United States. Additionally, we provide local service throughout North America and throughout the world.

Rapid response

HPNE can deliver critical products and services to any location in the United States within 24-hours of request.

Engineering Design

With a team of mechanical, electrical, chemical, biomedical, and computer science engineers that have years of experience in bioprocessing, we can design the custom single-use assembly, component, or bioprocess skid to meet your specifications and achieve your goals. Working with your design sketch or specific criteria, we can bring your vision to reality.

Process Scale Up

Ready to scale up from research to pilot production, pilot production to full-scale manufacturing, or anything in between? HPNE can help, while keeping your costs low and your cycle times short.

Our experienced in-house team recognizes that scaling up is much more complicated than simply increasing volumes, and we know how to efficiently handle the challenges involved to get your process to the next level.

Material Compatibility Testing

Are all of your components compatible with your process fluids and sterilization methods? We can help you confirm that they are. Before you bring new components into your research, development, or production facilities, ensuring that they perform to your specifications using your materials and methods.

System Integrity Testing

Want to simplify installation of your HPNE purchases? We provide additional inprocess testing to ensure that every connection and every product is performing to your specifications.

Bio-Burden & Sterility Testing

We can support your compliance needs by developing and implementing assays that ensure the safety of your bioprocess, from measuring microbial contamination to auditing and validating sterilization processes.

Bio-Burden Testing

We measure the levels of microbial contamination that are on or in your product.

Sterility Validation

We coordinate with third-party services to ensure you receive timely certification of complete sterility.

Dose Audits

We verify the sterilization dose and ensure that your sterilization process remains effective.

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