Customer Service

“You want it when?” While this is not a regular occurrence, there are times when our customers need something in a hurry. We are fortunate to have a staff that “gets it” and moves mountains to help. This, coupled with a great understanding of our products, the industry, and our customers needs, ensures that our customer service department will regularly exceed your expectations.

Local Service, Support, and Inventory

HPNE has always provided local 24 hour service and full support for our clients clarification and purification needs, HPNE provides local inventory that can many times be delivered in less than 24 hours if needed.

Material Testing

From extractables to leachables, and sterility validations to shelf life studies, let HPNE work with you to develop a protocol that will make any QC department proud. With our partners we can also offer quarterly gamma dose audits, SOP development for process change control, and other services that help you with regulatory fillings.

Scale Up Reports and Design Service

Our team of experts will prepare a complete report that not only presents the results of the study, but makes conclusions, offers suggestions for improvement and provides scale-up scenarios that match your process expectations.

Validation Services

Microbiological Services, Microbial Retention Studies, Product-based Integrity Testing, Additional GMP Documentation, Filter Quality Certification Program, Filtration Process Reviews.

Onsite Filterability Testing

Have our product specialist come to your facility to perform normal flow and tangential flow filtration experiments using your product.  We will work with you to develop a process that is optimized for product yield and ensure scalable economics.