Sterile Individually Packaged Components

Individually packaged components allow a single item to be removed from a package without exposing the integrity of the lot.

  • Available for any quantity of parts
  • Gamma, Autoclave, or EtO (Ethylene Oxide) sterilized
  • Individually double bagged

True customization

Get the part you need the way you need it.


Any scale

Order any amount - no minimums on any product


Fast fulfillment

With short lead times, we can get you the parts you need when you need them

Kitted For Sterile Assembly

Kitted For Sterile Assembly

Components can be packaged in one single kit, designed for ease of use for the end user - allowing for the maintenance of sterile components while opening the bag under a hood.

Double Bagged for Sterilization

Double Bagged for Sterilization

When you order components from the manufacturer, most will come bulk packaged and are not sterile once the package is opened. Our Sterile Packaged Components are individually double bagged prior to sterilization, allowing for removal without exposing the entire lot.


Features & Benefits

  • Flexibility to your process
  • Ability for any part or quantity of parts to be packaged
  • Ability to be completed for any part or product dependent on chemical compatibility for the proper sterilization method (Gamma, Autoclave, and EtO Sterilization)
  • Products can maintain ‘sterile’ status even after initial packaging is opened due to bagging process
  • See-through, puncture proof bags
  • Efficient process development
  • Increased productivity
  • Innovative process development kits
  • Comprehensive compatibility guide


Our Sterile Individually Packaged Components can be used in all areas of bioprocessing, from research and development to fill-finish.

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