Process Chromatography

Preparative Monolithic Chromatography Columns
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Preparative Monolithic Chromatography Columns

Eliminate packing, unpacking and repacking from your downstream purification process with pre-packed monolithic chromatography columns.

Analytical Monolithic Chromatography Columns
Analytical Monolithic
Chromatography Columns

Achieve high-resolution separations within minutes with columns that combine all the characteristics of monoliths into one process.

PATfix Process Analytical Technology
PATfix Process
Analytical Technology

Obtain high quality information about critical quality attributes and key performance indicators about your manufacturing process.

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CIMmultus™ Disposable Monolithic Columns Brochure

Learn about how CIMmultus™ Disposable Monolithic Columns can bridge the gap between built-in single use and multi-use applications, depending on storage and sanitization.


FlowMaxx Pro 1200 Quaternary Diaphragm Pump

Single-Use Pumps

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