What is FlexConnexx?

For twenty years, we’ve been working with our clients to solve their bioprocessing obstacles, utilizing our deep knowledge of unit operations, manufacturing expertise, and years of experience in the industry. Based on the challenges that we’ve seen our customers experience, we have created our new contract manufacturing service, FlexConnexx™.

Why Choose FlexConnexx?

Security, flexibility and peace of mind. Instead of entering a production queue, your request will begin immediately in a dedicated cleanroom space. With the fear of long lead times eliminated, FlexConnexx™ will instead provide you with security and peace of mind, enabling you to meet deadlines stress-free while increasing your speed to market.

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Optimized Production Capabilities

FlexConnexx™ is an innovative new service designed to give our customers total autonomy over the production of their single-use assemblies – from concept to delivery. Modeled after CDMOs in the pharmaceutical industry, FlexConnexx™ offers a comparable way to build your assemblies. Streamlining your SUS supply chain needs to get your product to market, and to the patients who need them, faster.

Which Approach to SU Assembly Production is Right for You?


  • Flexible and agile manufacturing
  • No minimum order quantity
  • FIFO manufacturing
  • Flexible integration of components
  • Digital assembly renderings
  • Competitive lead times


  • All of the benefits of HPConnexx® plus...
  • Dedicated cleanroom and resources
  • Warehouse storage for finished goods and real-time release
  • Fully customizable SOPs and quality documentation
  • Personalized training of operators
  • Dedicated client services, production, quality, operations, materials and training teams

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