Media & Buffer Storage

Harvest Cart Fluid Management
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Harvest Cart

Eliminate awkward handling with our stainless steel Harvest Cart, featuring sloped shelves for smooth fluid drainage and more manageable 2D bag storage.

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UV Stabilized 2D Trays

Our ALLpaQ UV Stabilized 2D Trays eliminate the threat of cellular structure damage to your 2D bioprocessing bags from high levels of harmful UV light.

Cleanroom Bioprocess Containers
Bioprocess Containers

Optimize storage for media and buffer in your cleanroom environment or use for the transportation of media.

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Rigid Plastic Harvest Cart

Optimize the storage and handling of your 2D bioprocess bags with the customization, cleanability, and foster compliance of our ALLpaQ 2D Harvest Cart.

2D Bag Cabinet Square

2D Bag Cabinet

Created with easy handling, cleanability, and foster compliance in mind, the ALLpaQ 2D Bag Cabinet keeps the storage of your 2D bioprocessing bags safe and unrestricted.

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Custom Spool Trolly

Keep your tubing under control and well-organized with this custom fabricated trolly for cleanroom and manufacturing environments.

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Effortlessly transport drums and tanks in a biopharmaceutical cleanroom or manufacturing environment.

2D Bag Tray Square

2D Bag Tray

Enhance individual and manifold bag handling in your biopharma manufacturing processes with our ALLpaQ 2D Bag Trays.

Load Cells and Dollies

Load Cells & Dollies

Effortlessly transport bioprocess containers while ensuring expensive products aren’t contaminated or damaged with Dollies and Load Cells.

Bag Tray Cabinet Square

Bag Tray Cabinet

Our ALLpaQ Bag Tray Cabinets accommodate cleanroom standards and optimize operator handling with custom features.

Bag Cabinet Dolly Square

Bag Tray Dolly

Our ALLpaQ Bag Tray Dollys make handling multiple bioprocessing bags easy whether you’re in or out of the cleanroom.

3D Bag Cabinet Square

3D Bag Cabinet

Our ALLpaQ 3D Bag Cabinet is an easy solution to handling your 3D bioprocessing bags. 

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210L Drum

Able to hold both single-use liners and bag assemblies, our 210L Drum from ALLpaQ has been designed by their experienced tooling and design teams.

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MasterMover SM100 Plus Electric Tug

MasterMover MT5/400+ SS Electric Tug

MasterMover MT5/400+ SS Electric Tug


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