A cylinder cart allowing for the effortless transportation of drums and tanks in a biopharmaceutical cleanroom environment.

  • Use an electric tug to move barrels and cylinders
  • Optional stainless steel frame
  • MasterMover coupling standard
MaxxMover Drum and Tank Transportation

Safety and Easy Transportation

If you are looking to transport tanks and drums around your facility, our MaxxMover can help you control the movement and increase safety.


Designed for Tanks And Drums

With a stainless steel frame and large wheels, the MaxxMover was designed specifically to be a cylinder cart for tanks and drums.


Our MaxxMover is a unique solution that allows for the effortless transportation of drums, tanks, and other cylindrical equipment in a biopharmaceutical environment. Relocating heavy tanks and barrels that are mounted on wheels can be challenging for a single user and can cause unnecessary accidents to occur – MaxxMover aims to solve that.

Features & Benefits

  • Stainless steel frame to protect load
  • Allows for smoother handling of products
  • Customizable for all tank or drum volumes
  • Sizable castors to fit any object
  • Large wheels to prevent shimmying while transporting product
  • Constructed to work in tandem with our MasterMover electric tugs


  • Unloading and transporting one or more barrels
  • Moving liquid nitrogen tanks within your facility
  • Transporting barrels within fill-finish applications
  • Handling disposables
  • As well as many other applications

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