Non-Invasive Ultrasonic Flow Sensor

Flow Sensors

Whatever type of fluid you are moving and whatever flow rate, you’ll find an efficient single-use sensor system for monitoring flow, including non-invasive and in-line technologies from KROHNE, em-tec, Malema, and Equflow.


Pressure Sensors

Measure the dynamic and static pressures of gases and liquids with pressure sensors.

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UV Sensors

Improve your downstream and lab & drug discovery processes with our UV sensors and photometers.

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Other Sensors

Find sensors to keep track of conductivity, turbidity, UV absorbance, pressure, and temperature.

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WHITE PAPER: Electromagnetic Flowmetering Technology

Learn how KROHNE’s FLEXMAG 4050 C electromagnetic flowmeter provides stable and accurate in-line volumetric flow measurement for single-use bioprocessing applications and see qualification data on its use with Quattroflow single-use pumps.

How to choose the right flow sensor

Choosing the right single-use flow sensor can be challenging as the best sensor for your operation depends on your unique bioprocess. Fortunately, the experienced team at HPNE has a extensive knowledge of single-use sensor technology and can help you choose what will work best for you.



Chromatography Systems

FlowMaxx Pro 1200 Quaternary Diaphragm Pump

Single-Use Pumps


Single-Use Assemblies