Livit Flex Bioprocess Controller

Revolutionize laboratory efficiency with our Livit Flex, the ultimate bioprocess controller that can be easily configured for your R&D application, whether for single-use or multi-use purposes.

  • User-friendly interface
  • Set up and observe experiments from a single location
  • Plug & Play connection of sensors

Optimize Your Controller Configuration

Our Livit Flex can be configured as a single or dual control system for single-use or multi-use bioreactors, allowing you to customize the configuration to your specific needs.

Livit Flex

Intuitive Interface and Software

Crafted with 40 years of bioprocess control experience, the Livit software provides built-in data logging and reduces operator error without the need for external software.


Features & Benefits

  • OPC-UA compliant
  • Single or Dual bioprocess control system
  • Up to 8 variable speed pumps
  • Built-in data acquisition, alarm, and user management
  • Up to 12 mass flow controllers, or 8 mass flow meters
  • Electronic gas selection block
  • Plug-and-play sensor and actuators
  • Compatible with Applikon multi-use and AppliFlex ST single-use bioreactors
  • Compatible with V-control and Lucullus software


  • Cell cultures
  • Microbial cultures
  • ATMP
  • Batch cultures
  • Fed-batch cultures
  • Continuous cultures
  • Perfusion cultures

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