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Single-Use Assemblies

Our completely custom single-use assemblies that include fabrication in our state-of-the-art ISO 7 cleanrooms.

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Find the right pump system in both single-use or multi-use for critical biopharmaceutical applications. 


Flow Sensors

Stay on top of process parameters with robustly engineered sensors for single-use bioprocessing applications.

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Bioreactor Systems

Improve upstream bioprocessing with our bioreactors, including cell culture, small study, and pilot scale.


Glucose & Lactate Sensors

Get real time information on a culture’s growth behavior and metabolic state at any time during your process. 


Process Chromatography

Chromatography columns for the production, purification, and analysis of large biomolecules. 

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Single-Use Bottles

Our Fluoropolymer bottles for downstream applications including bulk drug substance storage & cell therapy.


Electric Tugs

Safely and easily move up to 26,000 lbs. in your cleanroom environment with our MasterMover electric tug line. 


Load Cells & Dollies

Transport bioprocess containers while ensuring expensive products aren’t contaminated or damaged.


Single-Use Components

Our single-use components include tube weights, connectors, sterile individually packaged components, and more.


Bioprocess Containers

Optimize storage for media and buffer in your cleanroom environment with our AllpaQ totes.


Other Sensors

Our wide range of other sensors includes temperature, conductivity, pressure, monitors, and more. 

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Sterile Packaged Components

Individually packaged components allow a single item to be removed without exposing the integrity of the lot.


Media & Buffer Storage

Effortlessly transport and store buffer and media in your manufacturing or cleanroom environment. 


OEM Solutions

Our OEM solutions allow you to order bulk quantities of our custom solutions to meet your needs as a supplier.

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