Optimize your adherent cell expansion system with the sustainable and scalable CellScrew®, made from plant-based plastic. It is the ideal solution to reduce manufacturing costs, time to market, and environmental impacts. 

  • Compact design for easy handling
  • Archimedean screw for gas exchange and mixing
  • Concentric cylinders forming a large cell culture area

Watch the Video

Learn how the CellScrew® creates easy-to-automate low shear mixing using plant-based plastic in the video above.

cellscrew (2)

Optimal Adherent Cell Attachment Conditions

With a combination of a central tube, an Archimedean Screw, and Concentric Cylinders, the innovative structure creates a continuously mixed, highly oxygenated environment.


Features & Benefits

  • Low shear
  • Extensively scalable
  • 3D printed construction
  • Plant-based PLA bioplastic
  • Large growth surface area made of concentric cylinders
  • Reduced manufacturing costs and time to market
  • 90% less plastic waste
  • 90% reduction in CO2  emissions compared to conventional multilayer flasks
  • Can be automated with little outside equipment
  • Archimedean screw for excellent mixing and gas exchange
  • Cell culture area from 6,000-10,000cm2 
  • High surface area to volume ratio
  • Easy handling with compact design


  • Vaccine manufacturing
  • Drug screening and development
  • Adherent cell expansion

Technical Specs

Height 191.1 mm
Diameter 121 mm
Cylinder Height 138.1 mm
Konus Height 31.8 mm
Konus Angle 35°
Cap Diameter 39 mm
Cap Height 24 mm


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