Single-use Components

Biosinker Tube Weights

Biosinker Tube Weights

Maintain the optimal depth and placement of your tube to obtain the most efficient flow possible.

Colder Connectors
Colder Connectors

Quick and easy sterile connections even in non-sterile environments with our Colder Connectors.

Single-Use Bottles
Single-Use Bottles

Our Savillex bottles are available in sizes from 50 mL to 2000mL, designed to enhance functionality in bioprocessing.

Custom Fabricated Components
Custom Fabricated Components

Get custom-made dip tubes and caps, rigid fill manifolds, rotors, tube weights, and other single-use components.

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Pump Tubing

Optimize your process with long lasting tubing for high pressure applications, available in a range of sizes.

BROCHURE: Sterile Individually Packaged Components

Our Sterile Individually Packaged Components allow a single item to be removed from a package without exposing the integrity of the lot, and are available for any quantity of parts.



FlowMaxx Pro 1200 Quaternary Diaphragm Pump

Single-Use Pumps


Single-Use Assemblies