Bia Separations

Preparative Monolithic Chromatography Columns

Pre-packed monolithic chromatography columns that eliminate packing, unpacking and repacking from your downstream purification process.

Analytical Monolithic Chromatography Columns
Analytical Monolithic Chromatography Columns

Our columns combine all characteristics of CIM monoliths on an analytical scale, making them the perfect tool for analysis and control of manufacturing processes.

PATfix Process Analytical Technology
PATfix Process Analytical Technology

Our PATfix analytical HPLC is the ideal system for routine gradient separations that enables you to do every analytical task.

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Preparative Chromatography Columns

Our chromatography products are distinguished for their flow-independent performance, low back pressure, and versatility, resulting in faster separation, concentration, purification, removal, and analysis of your biologic materials.

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Glucose & Lactate Sensors


VITVO 3D Bioreactor

Sampling Manifold

Single-Use Assemblies