Analytical Monolithic Chromatography Columns

Our columns combine all characteristics of CIM monolithic columns on an analytical scale and are ideal for Process Analytical Technology (PAT).

  • For analysis and control of manufacturing processes
  • Flow independent separation
  • Reproducible HPLC monitoring

For In-Process and Final Control

These columns were primarily designed for the in-process and final control of various samples at different stages of the purification process.


Obtain Information in Minutes

Featuring an operating flow rate of 0.2–3 mL/min; 1–15 cm/min; 2–30 CV/min, these CIMac Analytical Columns are ideal for receiving information about the product quantity and purity, allowing it to be obtained within a matter of minutes.


Features & Benefits

  • Flow independent separation
  • Reproducible HPLC monitoring
  • Rapid, high-resolution separations within a matter of minutes
  • High sensitivity and reproducibility
  • Quantitation of proteins, viruses, pDNA and other large biomolecules
  • Multi-use with stainless steel housing
  • Available in a variety of chemistries
  • Compatible to be used with multiple detectors
  • Channel sizes available in 1.3 um and 2 um


The CIMmac Analytical Line allows for quantitation and characterization of antibody-derived therapeutics, plasma proteins, biosimilars, as well as viruses and vaccines, as well as many more applications. Inquire for more information.

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