2D Bag Tray

Enhance individual and manifold bag handling in your biopharma manufacturing processes with our ALLpaQ 2D Bag Trays. 

  • Range of available sizes accommodating up to 50L
  • Trays are stackable to maximize storage and warehouse space
  • Lightweight plastic and four side hand holes for optimal handling

Keep Your 2D Bags Clean

Our 2D Bag Trays are made of rigid plastic with smooth surfaces that inhibit the growth of bacteria.

Optimize Time Between Uses

Featuring spillage control, the ALLpaQ 2D Bag Trays are jet washable, making cleaning efficient and decreasing time between uses.


Accommodate the storage and handling of bioprocess bags up to 50L with our ALLpaQ 2D Bag Trays. Made of lightweight, rigid plastic, the bag trays are easy to handle throughout your facility and prohibit bacteria growth with smooth surfaces. The trays can be stacked to optimize storage space, and can be used in combination with our ALLpaQ Bag Tray Cabinets and Bag Tray Dollys for easier transportation throughout your workspace. Featuring spillage control, the trays are jet washable and can be easily cleaned between uses.

Features & Benefits

  • Any size up to 50L
  • Store and handle your 2D bioprocess bags
  • Maximize storage space with the stackable tray
  • Four side hand holes and components made of lightweight plastic for easy handling
  • Jet washable with spillage control
  • Rigid plastic components prevents bacteria growth


Our ALLpaQ 2D Bag Tray is ideal for storage and handling of your buffer solutions and cell culture media. When used in combination with our ALLpaQ Bag Tray Cabinets and Bag Tray Dollys, you can easily transport your bioprocessing bags throughout the cleanroom or your facility.

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