Bag Tray Dolly

Our ALLpaQ Bag Tray Dollys make handling multiple bioprocessing bags easy whether you’re in or out of the cleanroom.

  • Built to meet cleanroom standards
  • Customizable to your exact needs
  • Transports six 50L trays up to 400kg

Efficient Movement of 2D Bags

Our Dolly features two fixed castors and two locking swivel castors to optimize your bag handling.

Prevent Hidden Bacteria Growth

With no hidden surfaces, our ALLpaQ Bag Tray Dolly is easy to clean, ensuring it meets cleanroom standards every time.


Made to meet cleanroom standards, the ALLpaQ Bag Tray Dolly is designed to optimize the handling of your bioprocess bags around your facility. Used in conjunction with the ALLpaQ Bag Tray Cabinet and ALLpaQ 2D Bag Trays, the Bag Tray Dolly moves easily with two swivel castors that lock, and two fixed castors. The base model is designed to be able to transport six 50L trays, but the Dolly can be customized to your exact bioprocess bag handling needs. 

Features & Benefits

  • No hidden surfaces
  • Built to cleanroom standards
  • Optimize bioprocess bag handling
  • Made with two fixed castors and two locking swivel castors
  • Base model made to transport up to 400kg, or six 50L trays.
  • Can be customized to fit the needs of your processes


The lack of hidden surfaces, along with the smooth rigid plastic design of our ALLpaQ Bag Tray Dolly makes it ideal for the cleanroom setting. It is helpful in any setting requiring the transportation and handling of your bioprocess bags.

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