Custom Spool Trolly

Our AllpaQ Spool Trolly is a custom fabricated product that is the perfect solution for your assembly and cleanroom environments.

  • Can hold 4 different spools of tubing
  • Lightweight plastic is user-friendly for operators
  • Removable accessories tray
Custom Spool Trolly

Customizable For Your Needs

Our spool trolly allows for company branding, logos, or labels, and is customizable to include any modifications for your bioprocess.


Designed For Tube Storage

Our AllpaQ Custom Spool Trolly was created for tubing storage and easy access for cutting necessary lengths. Storage multiple spools in a vertical tower to reduce footprint.


Designed with rigid plastic, our Spool Trolly from AllpaQ is a lightweight product to help with the storage and organization of tubing wherever you need it. The spool trolly also comes complete with a work shelf on the rear for cutting and final prep of connectors. Notched slots along the front make sure that your spools don’t unravel.

Features & Benefits

  • Removable accessories tray
  • Have multiple tubing sizes accessible in one place
  • Swivel castors and brake castors for easy transportation
  • Ability to modify spool trolley for specific needs
  • Lightweight plastic is user-friendly for operators
  • Reusable, allowing products to be in rotation for years
  • Jet washable – individual sections are removable for cleaning
  • Customizable to add branding, room name, or product description


Our Custom Spool Trolly from AllpaQ is ideal for the storage and organization of multiple types and sizes of tubing within your facility.

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