UV Stabilized 2D Trays

Our ALLpaQ UV Stabilized 2D Trays eliminate the threat of cellular structure damage to your 2D bioprocessing bags from high levels of harmful UV light.

  • Sliding access front gate for easy tube connection
  • Functional tray design allows for the stacking of multiple units
  • Available in sizes accommodating 5L, 10L, 20L and 50L

Overcome UV Light Damage

The design of the 2D Tray keeps out light by featuring external handles in place of hand holes, and a secure sliding access gate to keep light out when the tray is in use.

Simplify Handling with ALLpaQ

The UV Stabilized 2D Tray can be used with the ALLpaQ 2D Tray Cabinet or Bag Tray Dolly to transport bioprocess bags throughout your facility with ease.


The UV Stabilized 2D Trays from ALLpaQ are the solution to avoiding UV light damage to your bioprocessing bags. These trays can accommodate bags up to 50L, and are stackable with external handles. Featured on the front of the tray is a sliding access gate, which allows you to attach any tubes needed for draining without letting light into the tray. An additional slope insert is available to optimize the draining process.

Features & Benefits

  • Removable panels
  • Spillage control
  • Universal compatibility with all 2D bioprocessing bag types
  • Optimizes product uptime with no cleaning and fit-to-fill verification
  • Lightweight, easy handling due to plastic properties
  • Rigid plastic components to prevent bacteria growth
  • Units can be folded to save space in storage and in shipping
  • Can replace individual panels as needed to increase cabinet lifespan
  • Product is jet washable
  • The 2D Bag Cabinet can be recycled to be used in future products


Our UV Stabilized 2D trays can be used for a variety of bioprocess needs, including storing and handling your 2D bags. For optimal handling, use the trays in combination with the 2D Bag Cabinet or Bag Tray Dolley for easy transportation through your facility or the cleanroom.

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