Quantex Single-Use Precision Pumps

Quantex Single-Use Precision Pumps meet industry standards for accurate dispensing while delivering high precision and functionality.

  • Accurate dosing over a range of flow rates
  • Bi-directional capabilities
  • Flexible system design

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Learn about how our Quantex single-use pumps are perfect for usage in a wide range of markets including medical, pharmaceutical, food, beverage, consumer and industrial in the video above.


Precision Dosing For Your Process

A precise volume of liquid is dispensed during each revolution, with the ability for the flow rate to be increased or decreased by adjusting the speed of the motor.


Flow rates: 0.001mL/min to 25ml/s
Single-use configuration: Single-use pump chambers can be supplied gamma irradiated

Features & Benefits

  • Eliminates risk of cross contamination
  • Accurate dosing over a wide range of flow rates, temperatures, and viscosities
  • Low cost disposables
  • Self-priming design
  • Autoclavable material upon request
  • Available in,
    • Microdosing, Low and High Flow
    • Microdosing Pump: The QX2-SD pump will solve your precision pumping needs for flow rates from 0 - 40 mL/min.
    • Low Flow Pump Range: The low flow pump range disposable pumps produce a flow range of 0-600 mL/min.
    • High Flow Pump Range: The high flow pumps have a flow rate of 0-1560 mL/min.


  • Filtration technology: To recirculate feed/retentate (e.g. membrane cassettes, hollow fibre, spiral wound, ceramic elements)
  • Chromatography: Packing of chromatography columns
  • Feed pump for centrifuges or separators, filling machines, or filter cartridges or plate and frame depth filters
  • As well as many other applications

Product Comparison

Micro-Dosing Lab Pump

Quantex Single-Use
Precision Pump

  • Accurate dosing
  • Range of flow rates
  • Bi-directional capabilities
  • Flexible system design
  • Low cost disposables
  • Self-priming design
Quattroflow QF30 Quaternary Diaphragm Pump

Quattroflow 30 Quaternary Diaphragm Pump

  • Flow Rate 1mL to 500mL/min
  • Small footprint
  • 0.5mL hold-up volume
  • Tool free installation
  • Retrofittable on QF150 drives
  • Linear flow performance
Quattroflow 150 Quaternary Diaphragm Pump

Quattroflow 150 Quaternary Diaphragm Pump

  • Min. Flow Rate: 20mL/min
  • Max. Flow Rate: 3.2L/min
  • Most Compact Size
  • Self-priming
  • Minimal particle generation
  • Linear flow performance

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