Media & Buffer Storage for Bioprocessing

The bioprocess often involves the need to hold and transport 2D and 3D bags of media & buffer. Learn more about the variety of solutions available on the market to aid with this step.

The Difference Between Media and Buffer

Throughout the bioprocess, professionals utilize media and buffer for various purposes. Typically, media is used to provide an environment for bacteria or cells to grow efficiently, while buffers can be used for purification and isolation during processes like filtration, protein capture, chromatography, and more.

What is the purpose of Media and Buffer Storage?

Both media & buffer can be stored in 2D or 3D bioprocessing bags, which can range in size. A 50L 2D bioprocess bag can weigh around 110 pounds, making it difficult for the average person to efficiently transport. In order to conquer this challenge, there are a variety of media & buffer storage solutions on the market. These solutions can be made of a variety of materials, and can include customized features for your specific process and bioprocess bag size.

Types of Media & Buffer Storage Solutions

Harvest Carts

Harvest Carts can come in a range of materials and sizes, and typically have multiple shelves to accommodate more than one bioprocessing bag. The shelve sizes of harvest carts may differ from brand to brand. Many of them are customizable as well, with the ability to add in special features like pump shelves, storage shelves, or covers for protection against UV light. 

In addition to being an optimal solution for storing multiple 2D bioprocessing bags at once, harvest carts often feature fixed or swivel castors, allowing the cart to be easily transported around a facility, even by a single person. Many harvest carts can also be sterilized, or have features that make them simple and easy to clean. This often allows for the use of harvest carts in cleanrooms or other sterile environments.

At High Purity New England (HPNE), they offer both a rigid plastic and stainless steel harvest cart solution. Their Stainless Steel Harvest Cart can be configured to hold 20L or 50L bags, and has sloped shelves angled at 5 degrees for optimal bag drainage. Additionally, the sturdy welded stainless steel frame allows for easy cleaning, and creates maximum stability while occupying minimal floor space. 

HPNE also carries a Rigid Plastic Harvest Cart from ALLpaQ. With curved shelves to maximize drainage efficiency, the Rigid Plastic Harvest Cart can hold up to four 2D bioprocess bags. The harvest cart is constructed with a rigid, lightweight, welded plastic, resulting in easy cleaning and inhibiting the growth of harmful bacteria. To ensure easy handling, the cart has two fixed and two swivel castors. Solutions from ALLpaQ carried by HPNE are fully customizable to your processing needs.

3D Bioprocess Containers

3D bioprocess containers are made to hold, transport, and ship your single-use media and buffer bags, finished product, or single-use assemblies. There are multiple types of 3D bioprocess containers, including storing, shipping, cleanroom, and manufacturing containers. These containers come in a range of sizes, and are often customizable to the volume specifications you need. 

At HPNE, they cover a range of 3D bioprocess container needs, with cleanroom, shipping, topdrain, and stainless steel options from ALLpaQ. Their Cleanroom Bioprocess Container comes in a range of sizes, but can ultimately be built to your unique specifications. It is compatible with most 3D bag manufacturers, and is stackable and collapsible for easy storage when not in use. There is a fold-down front hatch for easy bag loading, and is built on a double-pallet base. 

Their Shipping Bioprocess Container is the most efficient way to ship your fluids over any distance while protecting your media and buffer and your assembly. It is available in sizes ranging between 50 to 1000 liters. The rigid plastic that the container is constructed with is lightweight for reduced shipping costs, inhibits bacterial growth, and allows for easy cleaning. Additionally, the individual panels of the containers are removable for in-depth cleaning. These containers are reusable, and are also stackable and collapsible when in storage. 

Sharing many of the features of the Cleanroom Bioprocess Container, their Topdrain Bioprocess Container is designed specifically for the filling and emptying of 3D bags, and safely securing storage of valuable media. The container also has filtration down to 10 microns, with a handle that covers the chamber in order to prevent accidental opening of the pressurized chamber. 

Lastly, if you are in need of a stainless steel version, High Purity New England also offers a Stainless Steel Bioprocess Container from ALLpaQ. It is available in both 304 and 316 stainless steel, and has angled surfaces to maximize drainage. Users can easily quantify the volume of liquid inside without opening the container using the level indicators. The standard sizes come from 50L to 2000L, but custom size options are also available.

Bag Trays

For a media and buffer solution accommodating a single bag, you may want to implement the use of bag trays. They are often stackable, and can hold a variety of volumes of 2D bioprocessing bags. Bag trays can have a variety of customized features for an improved process, including special access panels, UV protection covers, external handles, and slope inserts for improved fluid drainage. For the transportation of multiple bag trays, they can typically be used in combination with bag tray cabinets and dollies. 

The 2D Bag Tray at High Purity New England was created to enhance individual and manifold bag handling in your biopharma manufacturing processes. They are stackable to maximize storage, and are made from a lightweight, rigid plastic. For optimal handling, the bag tray features four side hand holes. To decrease time between uses, the trays are jet washable and feature spillage control. They can be made to accommodate any 2D bag size up to 50L.

Additionally, HPNE also carries a UV Stabilized 2D Bag Tray from ALLpaQ. It features external handles and a secure sliding access gate in order to keep harmful UV light out while the tray is in use. The tray comes in sizes accommodating 5L, 10L, 20L, and 50L 2D bioprocessing bags. They can be stacked, and an additional slope insert is available to improve the drainage of your bags. Lastly, their UV Stabilized 2D Bag Tray is universally compatible with all 2D bioprocessing bag types. 

Bag Cabinets and Dollys

Although bag trays offer a strong solution for bag storage needs, they are not the most optimal solution for efficient transportation. That is why it is ideal to use your 2D bag trays in combination with a bag cabinet or dolly. A bag cabinet has openings where you can insert your bag trays, similar to how a drawer can slide in and out of a traditional cabinet. This means that trays are not required to be stackable, as each would go on a separate shelf. In comparison, bag tray dollies provide a bottom platform on wheels on which your 2D bag trays can be stacked upon. 

To be used in combination with their 2D Bag Tray, the 2D Bag Cabinet at High Purity New England can accommodate five 2D bioprocessing bag cabinets. It is jet washable, and has built-in spillage control. Composed of lightweight components, the cabinet inhibits bacteria growth while creating user-friendly operator handling. 

For a bag cabinet that can be used without external trays needed, try the 2D Bag Tray Cabinet from ALLpaQ at HPNE. It features two rows of three drawers that can hold up to 300kg total. There are no hidden surfaces on the cabinet, which prevents undetected bacteria growth. There are multiple customization options available, including adding table surfaces to half of, or the whole top of the cabinet.

Additionally, HPNE offers a solution for any 3D bioprocess bag storage needs with their 3D Bag Cabinet. This media and buffer storage solution does not require external bag trays. It features an integral DTR tube management system, and has a dynamic door for each chamber, allowing the operator to easily load and unload 3D bioprocess bags. 

Additional Resources on Media and Buffer Storage

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