3D Bag Cabinet

Our ALLpaQ 3D Bag Cabinet is an easy solution to handling your 3D bioprocessing bags. 

  • Features dynamic doors on every chamber to prevent bacteria growth
  • Can hold six 100L 3D bags
  • Fabricated with polypropylene (PP)

Optimize Your 3D Bag Storage

With a dynamic door to each chamber, easily load and unload bioprocess bags in the cabinet without tough hinges or latches to prevent the risk of contamination.

Easily Handle your 3D Bags

The integral DTR tube management system of the 3D Bag Cabinet makes accessing and handling your 3D bioprocess bags seamless.


Increase the efficiency of transporting your 3D bioprocess bags with our ALLpaQ 3D Bag Cabinet. Holding up to six 100L 3D bags, the cabinet reduces the risk of contamination by utilizing dynamic doors on each chamber that do not rely on hinges or latches to reduce bacteria growth. The 3D Bag Cabinet is made of polypropylene, and features an integral DTR tube management system.

Features & Benefits

  • Can hold up to six 100L bioprocessing bags
  • Dynamic doors without small hinges or latches to prevent opportunities for bacterial growth
  • Made using polypropylene (PP)
  • Easily transportable on four wheels
  • Built-in DTR tube management


Our 3D bag cabinet is ideal for any situation that requires you to handle or transport 3D bioprocessing bags. Contamination risk reducing features make the cabinet ideal for the cleanroom.

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