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One Shot Cell Disruptor
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One Shot (OS) Cell Disruptor

Our OS Cell Disruptor from Constant Systems is ideal for processing fluid, viscous, plant, tissue, frozen, and re-suspended sample types, and ensures your entire sample is processed in as little as a single process or pass.

Multi Cycle (MC)
Cell Disruptor

Our Multi Cycle (MC) Cell Disruptorcan be run in single cycle, multi cycle, and re cycle modes for processing fluid, frozen, tissue, viscous, and plant sample types.

Continuous Flow (CF1 & CF2)
Cell Disruptor

Eliminate the need for multiple passes or processes of your fluid or re-suspended sample types with our CF1 & CF2 Cell Disruptor from Constant Systems.

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White Paper: American Society
for Microbiology

"Engineering Cyanobacterial Cell Morphology for Enhanced Recovery and Processing of Biomass" from the American Society for Microbiology about Constant Systems One Shot Cell Disruptors.



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