One Shot (OS)
Cell Disruptor

Ensure your entire sample is processed in as little as a single process or pass with our OS Cell Disruptor from Constant Systems, ideal for processing fluid, viscous, plant, tissue, frozen, and re-suspended sample types.

  • For total volumes up to 24mL
  • No need to prime or purge before use
  • Disruption pressure range of 1-40 kpsi

Multiple Passes Not Required

Our OS Cell Disruptor utilizes a consistent and precise hydraulic control system, capable of processing a volume range of 0.5-8mL per process, with a dead loss volume of only <0.1mL.

Quick, Simple & Easy-to-Use

With both manual and process flow cleaning options and an incorporated stainless steel tray to capture accidental spillage, the OS Cell Disruptor can be efficiently cleaned and maintained.


Features & Benefits

  • 110kg unit weight
  • 475 x 510 x 455 mm (DxWxH)
  • 1-40 kpsi disruption pressure
  • Dead loss volume of <0.1mL per process
  • Recommended for up to 24mL volumes
  • Precise operator set pressure displayed digitally
  • Only a standard electrical supply required
  • No need to purge or prime before use
  • Stainless steel tray to catch spillage
  • Includes provided collection cups that can be put in the freezer or on ice
  • Fully contained during process
  • Process cleaning or manual cleaning available


The OS Cell Disruptor is ideal for those wishing to upgrade from small bench-top techniques like sonication, bead beating & chemical lysis, and can process a variety of fluid and sample types up to 24mL including:

  • Processing fluid
  • Re-suspended samples
  • Viscous samples
  • Tissue samples
  • Plant samples
  • Frozen samples
  • And many more

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