Multi Cycle (MC)
Cell Disruptor

Our Multi Cycle (MC) Cell Disruptor is optimal for small volume processing, and can be run in single cycle, multi cycle, and re cycle modes for processing fluid, frozen, tissue, viscous, and plant sample types.

  • Handles volumes up to 80mL
  • Fully contained throughout process
  • Disruption pressure of 1-40 kpsi

Confidence in Precision & Repeatability

The consistent and precise hydraulic control of the MC Cell Disruptor ensures the processing of 99% of your sample
at the set pressure.

Quick, Simple & Easy-to-Use

With multiple cleaning modes, a built-in stainless steel tray to capture spillage, and multiple processing modes, the MC Cell Disruptor is user-friendly and efficient.


Features & Benefits

  • 110kg unit weight
  • 475 x 510 x 455 mm (DxWxH)
  • Up to 40 kpsi disruption pressure
  • 0.5ml-40mL processing volume capability per process
  • Handle up to 80 mL
  • Runs in three modes: Single Cycle (SC), Multi Cycle (MC), and Re Cycle (RC)
  • Fully contained throughout process
  • Process flow and manual cleaning modes
  • No need to purge or prime before use
  • Standard electrical supply required only
  • Stainless steel tray to catch spillage
  • Provided collection cups that can be transferred to and from freezers and ice


Our MC Cell Disruptor is optimal for those who wish to upgrade from small bench-top techniques like sonication, bead beating & chemical lysis, and can be used for processing:

  • Frozen samples
  • Fluid samples
  • Plant samples
  • Tissue samples
  • Viscous samples
  • And many more

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