Continuous Flow
(CF1 & CF2) Cell Disruptor

Eliminate the need for multiple processes or passes of your fluid or re-suspended sample types with our CF1 & CF2 Cell Disruptor from Constant Systems.

  • Maximum process pressure of 40 kpsi
  • 200mL inlet reservoir
  • Fully contained throughout your process

Available in Two Models

Our Continuous Flow Cell Disruptor comes in a CF1 and CF2 model, with the CF1 offering a process speed of 6L per hour and CF2 offering up to 24L per hour.

Quick, Simple, & Easy-to-Use

Features of the CF1 & CF2 include a hydraulic control system for ensured consistency and repeatability, two cleaning modes, and a digital display for disruption pressure.


Features & Benefits

  • Fully contained process
  • No need for bottled gas or compressed air
  • No need to purge or prime before use
  • Stainless steel tray to capture spillage
  • Digital display of disruption pressure
  • Disruption pressure range of 1-40 kpsi
  • Precise hydraulic control
  • 99% of sample processed at set pressure
  • Two cleaning modes


Both the CF1 and CF2 are ideal for processing fluid or re-suspended sample types, and can be used across a variety of sample types including:

  • Bacteria
  • Yeast
  • Algae
  • And many more

Technical Specs

Cell Disruptor Dimensions Weight Electrical Supply
CF1 605x700x740 mm (DxHxW) 130kg 1 Ph electricity as standard, Americas some areas require 3 Ph
CF2 720x700x1340 mm ((DxWxH) 240kg 3 Ph electricity

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