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We asked our customers and #TeamHPNE what they thought made our HPConnexx™ Single-Use Assemblies stand out from the rest — here is what they had to say.

In our article “3 Reasons to Explore HPConnexx™ Single-Use Assemblies”, we discuss the three standout qualities of our single-use assemblies: no minimum order quantities, competitive lead times, and brand agnostic designs. 

Although it is our belief that this already gives our assemblies a competitive advantage, we wanted to ask our customers why they choose HPConnexx™. We also chatted with our sales team to find out what their customers had to say. After collecting their responses, these were some of our major takeaways.

Collaborative Technical Support

Our single-use assembly services extend past offering pre-made assemblies off-the-shelf to fully custom solutions, and we work with our customers from concept to full-scale production. With decades of bioprocessing experience, we have tested out what works and what doesn’t when it comes to assemblies. With no restrictions around brand or part, our team will create an effective design to fit your exact specifications every time. 

Customers have expressed their enthusiasm around the detailed 3D drawings that are provided by our engineering team during the design process. These drawings help keep everyone on the same page, and make it easy to communicate design plans to any of your external stakeholders. With our team of over 20 in-house engineers, as well as in-house manufacturing and production, we have the extensive resource capabilities to bring your vision to life.

Outstanding Customer Support

In order to provide expert technical support, we want you to be able to easily communicate with our team whenever possible. According to many of the customers we talked to, our client services team is not only easy to reach, but will take the time to listen to all of your hesitations and ideas, connecting you with the right member of our team to efficiently resolve your concerns.

When sending through an email to reach us, our team has been known to respond consistently within the same business day to ensure your questions are answered, so we can start working on your project as soon as possible. Need to schedule a call with one of our experts? Simply reach out to and we will connect you to the best suited member of our team.

Extensive Customizability Options

At High Purity New England, we are willing to create an assembly for any of your bioprocessing challenges, including challenges that other organizations are not willing to address. Using a brand agnostic design process, we can ensure each component of your assembly is ideal for your unique specifications, regardless of the company or part.

We are dedicated to never sacrificing turnaround speed for your assemblies. With our own ISO Class 7 Cleanrooms on-site in multiple facilities, we can maintain short lead times while creating supply chain security. Additionally, HPNE is always looking for new products and components to add to our portfolio in order to ensure we can be the most valuable resource to our customers possible.

Integration with Other Crucial Biopharma Equipment

One theme we noticed between all of our customer responses was the excitement around the easy incorporation of HPConnexx™ with other effective bioprocessing equipment, like our FlowMaxx Pro Quaternary Diaphragm Pumps. HPNE is proud of our vast product portfolio, and having worked with a variety of bioprocessing equipment since our founding, we can confidently incorporate our assemblies into any existing process or set-up.

Unlimited Application Possibilities

Some of the applications mentioned by our team when discussing HPConnexx™ included media transfer, final fill, research & development, AVV, TFF, sterile filtration, sterile liquid transfer, mAb, vaccine, CGT, and many more. 

Don’t see the application you are looking for on our site? Our team is dedicated to finding a solution to any challenge. Reach out to our team to find out how we can conquer your bioprocessing challenges together.

Discover More About our Single-Use Assemblies

To learn more about the effectiveness of choosing single-use for your process, check out our previous articles on “What is a Single-Use Assembly?” and “What is Single-Use Manufacturing?”.

For more about the technical aspects of our assemblies, visit our HPConnexx™ product page.

Lastly, to get started developing your own effective single-use assembly, talk to a member of our expert team, or email us at

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