Non-invasive Ultrasonic Flow Sensor

Our clamp-on ultrasonic flow sensors provide accurate, intuitive, and non-invasive flow measurement for use in biopharmaceutical processing.

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How It Works:

Em-tec’s design allows you to save space and achieve greater accuracy in flow measurement with a non-invasive method. It is extremely compact due to a highly integrated digital electronic design.

The flow sensor comes pre-calibrated for the user, requires no priming, and contains the ability to use 7 different calibration tables – all on one sensor. The BioProTT transducer, with transit-time technology, provides simple, clamp-on flow measurement of tubing systems. The transducer quickly and easily clamps around flexible hoses with a click lock. This locks ensures that contamination and pressure-drops within the system will be avoided, as well as no extra assembly splicing.

Functional design without moving parts prevents any additional shearing on the process fluid, giving it a great advantage over invasive methods that also handle biomolecules or shear-sensitive organisms.

Our Em-tec ultrasonic flow sensor provides accurate, intuitive and non-invasive flow measurement in biopharma environments. It solidifies the core of our ever growing offering of instrumentation and sensors.


  • Non-invasive
  • The transducer encloses flexible tubing with its simple click closure in an effortless, non-invasive way
  • Transducers for a wide variety of tubing sizes available
  • Customer specific calibration for media, tubing, and temperature
  • Up to seven calibration tables can be stored on one sensor, allowing maximum flexibility
  • Excellent accuracy and stability
  • Water proof, easy to clean, and surface disinfectable


  • Easy installation into your current system, allowing for a non-invasive flow measurement
  • Different sensor sizes for all common hose sizes
  • Due to the non-invasive design, there is no additional shear stress on cells
  • Device designed to be reusable for years

Applications Include:

  • For flow measurement on flexible hoses in upstream and downstream applications, filtration steps, Chromatography, Harvest applications, Filling, Process Evaluation, Research
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