Change your flow rate as desired with our Q-Drive-Alpha from Quantex, a PSG company, a fully integrated device for laboratory use, evaluation, and production.

  • Compatible with microdosing and low flow pumps
  • Direct control with integrated screen and driver
  • Self-priming and reverse cycle functions

Watch the Video

Learn more about the easy-to-use interface of the Q Drive Alpha, and watch a demonstration of its use in the video above.

Q-Drive-Alpha (1)

Intuitive Touch Screen for Program

With a built in 7” color touch screen, the Q-Drive-Alpha allows you to program desired functions like speed, reverse cycling, dose volume, self-priming, and flow.


Features & Benefits

  • Plug-and-play
  • Fully integrated drive device
  • Compatible with Microdosing Pump and Low Flow Pumps from Quantex, a PSG brand
  • 7” color touch screen
  • Integrated screen and driver for direct control
  • Functions including: self-priming, flow, speed, reverse cycling, and dose volume
  • Save up to 8 programs per pump on the programmable memory
  • Operating temperature of 5-40°C
  • CE and FCC compliant


Applications for the Q-Drive-Alpha includes use in laboratories and production for both pump evaluation and commercial use.

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