Steamer Line HF Cartridges

Our WaterSep mini-BioProducer Steamer HF cartridges are ready-to-use, cross flow cartridges that are compatible with ATF systems.

  • Gamma irradiated and ready to use
  • No pre-rinse required
  • Humectant free – 80x less extractables

Easy Scale Up/Scale Down

The mini-BioProducer Steamer hollow fiber cartridges are designed for small to medium scale production, with easy scale up and scale down capacities.

For Perfusion/ATF Applications

The Steamer HF cartridges are the product of choice for perfusion/ATF applications. They can be repetitively autoclaved in an ATF perfusion unit or as a standalone HF cartridge. 


The mini-BioProducer™ Steamer hollow fiber cartridges incorporate our latest glycerin-free, heat resistant, low extractable modified polyethersulfone (m-PES) membrane technology. All Steamer products are gamma irradiated and ready to use without any tedious pre-rinse. The mini-BioProducer Steamer is also available as a single-use assembly for crossflow perfusion applications. The extractable level for this hollow fiber cartridge is approximately 80x less than a glycerin conditioned membrane or sheet cassette.

Features & Benefits

  • Gamma irradiated - ready to use - no pre rinse required
  • Humectant free - 80x less extractables
  • Free of time-consuming cleaning validation
  • Reduced risk of cross contamination
  • Consistent, membrane performance from batch to batch
  • Self-contained and requires no assembly, no expensive hardware and no membrane installation
  • Significantly less expensive than traditional cassette formats
  • Every HF cartridge is integrity tested and has an individual lot number for easy traceability


  • Cell perfusion with an ATF system or conventional pump operated cross flow perfusion system. Bioreactor and Steamer hollow fiber assembly can be autoclaved simultaneously.
  • Production scale aseptic operations or any other sterile application requiring autoclaving.
  • Rapid clarification of volumes ranging from 5L to 50L of cell culture, fermentation solutions and virus/vaccine suspensions.
  • Concentration and diafiltration of monoclonal antibodies, enzymes, blood components and other proteins.
  • As well as many other applications

Product Comparison


Steamer Line HF Cartridges

  • Gamma irradiated
  • Ready to use
  • No pre-rinse required
  • Humectant free
  • Reduced risk of contamination
  • Consistent, membrane performance

ReUse HP Cartridges

  • Self-containment
  • No assembly
  • Ease of use
  • Low hold-up volume
  • High process flux
  • High yields and easy cleaning

Green Line HF Cartridges

  • No expensive hardware
  • No membrane installation
  • Ready to use
  • No humectants
  • Reduced risk of contamination
  • Consistent, membrane performance

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