Supporting National Suicide Prevention Month

HPNE raises awareness for National Suicide Prevention Month by having all employees wear purple or teal in solidarity with the cause.

What is National Suicide Prevention Month?

Declared as a national month in 2008, National Suicide Prevention Month works to raise awareness about suicide, one of the leading causes of death in the United States. The month dedication also aims to acknowledge those who have been affected by suicide, and provide resources for those who may need them. 

The CDC estimates that there were over 49,000 deaths related to suicide in 2022. National Suicide Prevention month also acknowledges the mental health crisis facing the United States, and works to destigmatize negative connotations around discussing, and getting help for thoughts of suicide. 

National Suicide Prevention Month does not mark the first time we acknowledged the devastating effects of suicide in the country, with the first suicide prevention center opening in 1958. Also, the National Institute of Mental Health established the Center for Studies of Suicide Prevention in 1966.

HPNE Raises Awareness

In addition to National Suicide Prevention Month, September 10th - September 16th is Suicide Prevention Week in 2023. To raise awareness throughout our own facility, employees were asked to wear purple and teal to show their solidarity to the cause. 

HPNE is an organization that prioritizes the mental wellbeing of our employees. We have recently shown our support by extending resources such as a guest speaker event for Mental Health Awareness Month, led by a knowledgeable employee from the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI).  Additionally, employees were encouraged to attend an event held by a Blue Cross Blue Shield Employee to learn more about the Virgin Pulse program they have access to in order to maintain or improve their personal wellness. 

Our hope is that showing support through color days such as this one will spread awareness about worthy causes throughout our facilities.

Additional Resources

We recognize that suicide is a highly stigmatized topic, and it can be very difficult to bring up with others, or reach out for help when needed. Firstly, call or text 988 immediately when you or someone you know is experiencing a mental health crisis, or visit if you are uncomfortable talking over the phone. 

If you are not in crisis and are still looking for additional resources, The National Child Traumatic Stress Network has multiple resources for caregivers or those looking to help a child in need, and the Suicide Prevention Resource Center has trainings and an extensive online library of resources available.

Support on a National Scale

Many organizations globally have also shown their support. The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention has created the “Talk Away the Dark” campaign for National Suicide Prevention Week 2023, which aims to shed light on this leading cause of death without shying away from discussing the reality of the difficult topic. There are multiple ways to get involved with their campaign, and you can visit their website for ways to advocate, educate, or connect with the cause. 

The National Institute on Mental Health offers multiple resources to download and share on social media platforms in order to raise awareness. Also, the 988 Lifeline Organization has started the #BeThe1To campaign, which shifts the language around the month from suicide prevention to focusing on actions that can promote help, hope, and healing. 

For additional ways you can help and get involved in Suicide Prevention, visit the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration website.

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