Supporting Autism Awareness Month

In honor of Autism Awareness month, HPNE wears blue and highlights the ways the biotech and biopharma industries are working to discover treatment for ASD.

Autism Awareness Month, also called World Autism month, is celebrated in the United States throughout April. It originated from National Autistic Children’s week in 1972, started by the Autism Society of America. The United Nations also recognizes autism awareness in April, with World Autism Awareness Day officially being observed on April 2nd. 

2.12% of adults in the United States and 1 in 36 children have autism spectrum disorder (ASD), but there continues to be a lack of any FDA approved treatments that fully address the core symptoms of ASD on the market. 

Noticing an opportunity in the market, the biopharma and biotech industries are actively working to create new solutions for ASD treatment. Some of those companies include Jelikalite, Pipeline, and Stalicia. Most are utilizing biotechnology to find solutions that can provide relief from multiple symptoms of ASD at once, and all are attempting to pursue their solutions through the FDA regulatory process.

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One of the most well known campaigns for World Autism Awareness Day is the Autism Speaks “Light it Up Blue” campaign, where the organization encourages buildings and homes to light their spaces in blue. Autism Speaks also offers a variety of other ways to donate or show support. At HPNE, we showed our support by wearing blue outfits throughout the company.

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To increase your awareness, visit the CDC website to learn more about autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

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