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Streamline your process with a range of storage and handling products from HPNE. From totes and tugs to carts and…


Streamline your process with a range of storage and handling products from HPNE. From totes and tugs to carts and movers, we have a solution for every need. Thoughtful design that keeps in mind safety, ergonomics, efficiency, and ultimately, the end user.

Stop Pushing & Pulling with Electric Tugs

MasterMover Electric Tug

Increase your efficiency and handling safely with our electric tugs. From totes on carts, to your largest columns and tanks, tugs can take the risk right out of pushing and pulling in your cleanroom environment. Our tugs are easy to use and can be operated by a single person - no license required.

Designed with ISO cleanroom standards in mind, we offer our tugs in 3 sizes and 4 unique models, allowing you to operate move your heavy pharma equipment without strain and injury. Learn more about how to increase safety and productivity in your Biopharma environment.

Move up to 2700 lbs | Move up to 8800 lbs | Move up to 26000 lbs

Avoid Contamination Using 2-D Carts

Media and Buffer Storage

HPNE offers a stainless steel, sloped-shelf harvest cart that allows for manageable bag storage and a smoother fluid drain. This design helps to avoid bag stress and awkward handling.

The Harvest Cart shelves are large enough to accommodate 50L 2D bags, avoiding contamination which helps to allow for a more manageable bag size.

Designed to accommodate 5 to 6 full bags, however custom models are also available.

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Handle it Safely with MaxxMover


Our MaxxMover allows for the easy and effortless transportation of drums and tanks. The cart can be customized for all volumes.

Featuring a stainless steel protective frame, Maxxmover surrounds the product in order to hold it securely in place during its transportation.

MaxxMover help you prepare for bioprocessing. A solution born out of an obvious challenge faced in a cleanroom environment – from damaged walls to user injuries - Maxxmover aims to 

Effortlessly transport tanks and drums. Find out more,

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Store, Stack, and Ship with Our Customizable Totes


Our AllPaQ totes offer a completely customizable range of sizes and the choice between stainless or a rigid plastic. The totes allow you to save space where needed due to their collapsible, stackable and reusable design.

Smooth surfaces help to inhibit bacterial growth and allow accessibility for storage.

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Let HP-NE do the heavy lifting.

Contact us today and we can help customize a solution to fit your storage and handling needs!

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As the industry needs grow, High Purity New England, Inc. continues to supply the biopharmaceutical industry with a range of innovative products, from drug discovery and development to fill-finish, including their flagship product, custom single-use assemblies, as well as pumps, sensors, bioreactor systems, storage and handling solutions and other single-use solutions. Along with their own manufactured products for the global market, they are also a distributor for more than 18 brands in North America.

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