Harvest Cart

Our stainless Harvest Cart features sloped shelves allowing for more manageable 2D bag storage and smooth fluid drainage.

  • Sloped shelves with notched outlet space for smooth fluid drainage
  • Designed for up to 50L volume 2D bags
  • Separate buffer to reduce contamination
  • Can accommodate up to 6 bag

Improve Your Storage and Handling

Eliminate awkward handling, avoid putting stress on bags and start using a functional, process-minded product to manage your biopharma fluids.


Designed With Sloped Shelves

Our Harvest cart was designed with smooth fluid drainage in mind. The sloped shelves feature notched outlet spaces, to help streamline your bioprocessing.



Harvest Carts, an inspired product from HPNE, are ideal for helping to manage 2D bags during your bioprocess. Our Harvest Carts feature sloped shelves with a rim to hold bags in place for smooth fluid drainage. The shelves are large enough to accommodate 50L 2D bags, helping to avoid contamination and allowing for more manageable bag sizes.

Features & Benefits

  • Sloped shelves to allow for fluid drainage
  • Can accommodate 5 or 6 full bags, custom models also available
  • Can be adapted to include a coupling point for easy transportation of buffer or media prep
  • Separate buffer to smaller volumes for reduced contamination
  • Ability to be modified to your individual needs


Our Harvest Cart can be used in a variety of applications through bioprocessing including buffer storage, sampling storage, transporting full 2D bags, media storage, and bioreactor harvesting.

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