My First Year at HPNE: Brendan Jelley

Marketing Administrator Brendan Jelley reflects on learning opportunities, memorable projects, and the company environment he has experienced in his first year at HPNE.

Although I cannot believe a year has already passed since I joined team HPNE, the passage of time is evident in the skills I have gained and the incredible professionals I have gotten to work with along the way. In a year alone, I have gone from a recent college graduate to a marketing professional who has gained valuable skills by being a part of many exciting projects including product launches, and major company announcements.

A Typical Day in the Life

One thing has been evidently clear since the day I started my role — no two days are ever the same, as each day brings new and exciting tasks for the marketing team. On a typical day, my role on the team includes tackling our paid media advertising, trade show planning, management of leads from marketing efforts, and spearheading efforts to create synergy between the sales and marketing teams. This has led me to develop strong professional relationships with the people around me, and a thorough understanding of the products they sell.

Additionally, I have gained many skills that I did not have prior to this role, including getting to work on and edit our website. As I didn’t have a web development background, each new task was an intriguing challenge. Something I am particularly proud of is my work to create our new product page for the BioProTT Flow SU System, as well as my work on our UV sensor and pressure sensor product category pages. I believe the problem solving skills I have learned while practicing web development have translated nicely to all other areas of my work, making me ready to tackle any task that is given to me regardless of my familiarity with it.

My First Launch… and the Ones That Followed

Shortly after I began working at HPNE, we launched our OptiMaxx Tangential Flow Filtration System. As someone who got to be part of the early marketing efforts, it has been incredible to see how well received OptiMaxx has been, and how we continue to evolve our marketing efforts to effectively communicate its strengths, such as its scalability and open architecture. The evolution of our marketing materials can be seen in our recently launched OptiMaxx video, which does a fantastic job of highlighting how OptiMaxx can be the perfect solution to your TFF needs.

After experiencing the excitement of a new product launch, I excitedly anticipated the next chance to be a part of a launch — and as HPNE is rapidly evolving, I didn’t have to wait long! In February, we launched FlexConnexx™, our innovative new service that is designed to give customers total autonomy over production of their single-use assemblies. Throughout this launch, I got to extend our synergy with a new group of people, as we were fortunate to work closely with the talented FlexConnexx™ team.

Recently, we have additionally been able to announce partnerships with Custom Sensors & Technology and Fannin. This not only illustrates our rapid growth, but our increasing ability to create personal connections with global customers. 

My Favorite Project So Far

Of all the projects I have been able to work on, my favorite would have to be helping to design the graphics for our trade show booth. It was fun to be able to demonstrate my creativity in a way that would have tangible results. After collaborating with the team, we were able to put together materials that made up our booth at an ISPE trade show. It was incredibly rewarding to have multiple individuals come up to us to compliment our booth design. Since a lot of the work the team and I do is digital, we do not always get the chance to experience that kind of in-person feedback.

What #TeamHPNE Means to Me

When I started at High Purity New England, it was immediately clear that this was a welcoming environment to work in. Every person I have been able to work or interact with on the team is passionate about what they do, and about the biotech industry as a whole. Many new team members have joined since I started my role, and the addition of talent continues to foster the company's values of inclusion, while allowing us to grow with new expertise and opinions. One of the things I enjoy about working at HPNE is that it maintains a start-up feel with the security of a mid-size company.

Looking Ahead

Going forward, I am thrilled to see what challenges and new professional relationships are waiting for me, as well as the new skills I will learn or develop. HPNE is experiencing a period of growth, especially following the announcement of our acquisition by Getinge. Personally, I am excited to see where the acquisition leads regarding new opportunities and projects that result from any upcoming changes. 

As someone who is early into my career, I recognize that I have a lot more to learn. Reflecting on what I have learned in just a year, I am excited to see what's to come in the next year both personally and professionally, and am grateful for the environment HPNE has provided me with to learn and thrive.

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