My First 90 Days at High Purity New England

Eric Vario – Junior Marketing Coordinator – gives us a behind-the-scenes look at his role at the company, and the dedicated group of employees it is comprised of.

Eric Umbrella

Unbeknownst to me, I joined the HPNE Team at a pivotal time. What was initially a 10-person company was in the process of expanding astronomically, already having grown to roughly 160 employees when I started my journey here in June of 2021, has now swelled to roughly 200.

I noticed signs of the growth within my first few weeks: the daily construction of our upcoming third facility, the new faces popping up around the office as new roles were filled, and product launches—such as Univercells Technologies and Savillex—being added to our portfolio. An overall feeling of anticipation was in the air as the realization of our expansion began to take place.

An Incredible Opportunity

A little over three months ago, I became a Junior Marketing Coordinator at HPNE. This is a new role at the company, which is exciting because I can pursue and grow the specific marketing channels I enjoy. Since we are growing so quickly, new aspects of marketing are continuously being folded into our strategy; consequently, my responsibilities as a Junior Marketing Coordinator will play an integral part in the onboarding of additional marketing employees.

Not only was I incredibly grateful to have been hired for this new role, I was also very fortunate. To be able to hold a position in the major I had studied over the last four years, in a field that I am quite passionate about, is a wonderful feeling. I am able to apply the skills and knowledge gained from my undergrad courses and internships, while simultaneously gaining new experiences as my journey here continues to unfold.

My First Launch

One standout experience that I have had so far was assisting in the launch of HPNE’s new quaternary diaphragm smart pump, the FlowMaxx Pro. With an array of new features and upgrades to the previous version, FlowMaxx Pro was a launch that everyone at the company was pretty excited about, including myself.

Through this experience, I learned how involved marketing truly is when it comes to product launches. From product photography to press releases and social posts to paid advertising, our team worked in tandem with one another in order to make the launch as impactful for the brand as possible. Operating in this manner was crucial – had we not all been on the same page, the launch wound not have been as successful as it was.

What #TeamHPNE Means to Me

The supportive and connected atmosphere goes far beyond just the Marketing Team, it is embedded within the culture at HPNE. Coming into a new role at a place where you don't know anyone can be pretty daunting at first, but the onboarding process was genuinely smoother than I could have ever hoped for. Everyone accepted me with open arms and made me feel welcome from the very beginning.

I think it is collectively understood that each department's roles and responsibilities directly coincide with the success of all other departments at the company. In other words, every employee at HPNE–regardless of their title or department–is working in the same interest of achieving the common goal.

The Bigger Picture

What is this 'common goal'? In an industry that develops essential drugs, vaccines and therapeutics, HPNE's mission to build the ideal solution for our partners encompasses far more than just the standard way of thinking.

We're creating products and tools that will later be utilized in biomanufacturing processes and are aimed at ultimately, saving lives. This adds a significant amount of weight to what we do here and, most importantly, the way we carry out our jobs.

With this in mind, it is universally understood that the products we create are being used for a greater intent. Our work has a meaning – a purpose.

Looking Ahead

In my first 90 days I knew that I wanted to set out to learn and absorb as much as I possibly could. What I didn’t know was that I would come to discover a newfound respect for the company I work for and the people that make it such a success.

As #TeamHPNE continues to grow, I intend to grow with it. There's still so much for me to learn and experience in both this industry and marketing in general. As we begin planning for 2022 and the major announcements we have ahead, I hope to challenge myself and support not only my team, but the entire company as well.

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