My First 90 Days at HPNE: Tess Howard

Marketing Administrator Tess Howard discusses the innovative launches and process enhancing products she has learned about in her first three months.

90 days

It became clear within my first 90 Day at High Purity New England that this would be an inspiring place to work. Within such a short time frame, I have had the opportunity to be part of a new service launch — FlexConnexx™ — and watch a variety of new products join our portfolio including OptiMaxx TFF Systems and the new ALLpaQ media and buffer storage options.

It was also easy to recognize that I would not be the newest member of #TeamHPNE for long, as additional faces were introduced to fill new roles of the rapidly growing company.

A New Chapter in a Welcoming Community

While grateful for my first professional role following my graduation from college, I was undeniably nervous when I first started as a marketing administrator at High Purity New England. However, I immediately learned that my nerves were unwarranted as the incredibly kind community at HPNE welcomed me with open arms.

Within my first few weeks, it became clear to me that I joined HPNE in a time of growth and expansion. Not only did I witness members of the marketing team advertise the long list of job opportunities the company was providing when I joined, but I was also consistently introduced to new members of the team.

Getting Involved

As a marketing administrator, I was excited and grateful to be able to take on responsibilities with our company content. Specifically, one of the first projects I was able to get involved with was our company's Take Ten series, which introduced members of our team such as Denise Ritchie, Business Development Manager of FlexConnexx™, and Eddie Hannon, Technical Product Manager. As one of the newest members of team HPNE, this was a great opportunity for me to interview experienced professionals to learn more about their product lines and their careers as I begin my own.  

While working on our blog, I also got to highlight and be a part of the many community involvement initiatives of HPNE to support our local community and other causes. During March, which was Women’s History Month, I was able to be part of a company-wide Luncheon supporting women at the company. Also, through interviews with critical female leaders on the team, I was able to learn about some of the inspiring women at the company who act as powerful female professional role models.

My First Launch

My first month at HPNE was filled with excitement as the team geared up to launch the new, innovative single-use assembly service FlexConnexx. Not only would this new service allow customers to monumentally decrease their lead times, it also provides customers with a dedicated team of professionals, dedicated production space, managed inventory, and expedited delivery times. 

In my new role, I got to work closely with the marketing team to learn all that FlexConnexx was going to offer new customers. I became highly familiar with their unique, contract manufacturing (CMO) approach through the launch video, and through meeting the talented FlexConnexx team themselves.

Our Expanding Product Lines

Something unexpected in the past 90 days that has been particularly rewarding has been networking with our many partnered brands and learning more about the products they carry. 

During my first 90 days, I was able to help with the launch of new distributor products to the website, as well as the announcements of some new exciting partnerships. In March, I was part of the launch of seven ALLpaQ products to our site, including their 2D Bag Cabinet and UV Stabilized Trays

Looking Ahead

As I have grown accustomed to the responsibilities of my new role thanks to the support of my team, I have been able to grow and learn more than I ever expected on my first day. I am optimistic for the additional knowledge of the company and our marketing that I can continue to develop as I grow with the team.

Seeing as the past 90 days have packed in multiple exciting announcements, launches, and more, I am thrilled to see what lies ahead for High Purity New England.

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