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Press Release - FlexConnexx

FlexConnexx™ is our new revolutionary approach to the single-use assembly supply chain, ensuring your products get to market, and to your patients, faster. This new, innovative service would not be possible without the people who make it a reality.


Shannon Flanagan

Operations Manager

Shannon's manufacturing career has spanned nearly 20 years across multiple regulated and non-regulated industries. Throughout that time, she has led teams in multiple disciplines including quality, supply chain, client services, engineering and production. This diverse background enabled Shannon to build a high-performing team of experts in their respective fields who are focused on delighting FlexConnexx™ customers.

Shannon believes FlexConnexx™ is a great opportunity to improve the processes of customers, and ultimately, the lives of their patients. FlexConnexx™ customers will experience best in class service and support from a dedicated team of industry professionals with benchmark systems, a reliable and cost-effective supply chain, consistent product quality, and ongoing innovation to ensure they remain on the leading edge of the future. Drop Shannon a line at [email protected]

Denise Ritchie

Business Development Manager

Denise has worked in the biopharma and life science industries for her entire career. Her experience includes upstream and downstream operations, quality assurance, single-use applications, and leadership of a commercial team supporting the complete bioprocess portfolio. This fosters a thorough understanding of how raw materials are utilized in the end users’ processes. Her comprehensive experience offers a deep understanding of the value that FlexConnexx™ can bring to each customer.

For Denise, FlexConnexx™ is an innovative approach to single-use manufacturing. She ultimately believes it is a way to collaborate with customers and help them take control of their supply chain. Drop Denise a line at [email protected]


Mary Ellen Comeau

Client Services Manager

Mary Ellen has worked in customer service for over 20 years. During that time, she discovered her passion for project management and problem solving. She has always felt that her top priority is proactively identifying potential challenges and collaborating with the customer and internal teams to implement a resolution. This passion led her to the world of process improvement, and she uses that same passion to make FlexConnexx™ as efficient as possible.

She is excited to be part of the FlexConnexx™ team because it is a unique service that customers may have never experienced before. FlexConnexx™ can provide stability to their supply chain and make it the go-to service for single-use assemblies. Drop Mary Ellen a line at [email protected]

Daniel Noufe

Materials Manager

Daniel has been in the manufacturing of various industries for years, including building programs from scratch. In his experience, his favorite part of working on a team has been to approach a brand new problem and build the solution together. 

FlexConnexx™ was the right fit for Daniel because its goals aligned with his strengths and passions. For Daniel, FlexConnexx™ allows customers to have a clearer vision of their supply chain and better plan their growth. The service will significantly improve their speed of performance if you compare to other current offerings. He is passionate about everything related to the supply chain, so by being part of the team, he gets to do what he loves all while helping customers. Drop Daniel a line at [email protected]


Amanda Carey

Quality Manager

Amanda has managed many quality programs in her career, ranging from general merchandise to medical devices. Whether it's overseeing robust, well established quality systems or building quality systems from the ground up, Amanda's experience allows her to identify and foresee challenges that could interfere with anything less than perfect. Using that knowledge, she has developed a robust quality program for FlexConnexx™. 

Amanda’s favorite part of working with FlexConnexx™ is the team environment. She enjoys working with a group and learning from the other team members. Due to their strong compatibility, she is confident that they are able to navigate any challenges to produce the best experience for each FlexConnexx™ customer. Drop Amanda a line at [email protected]

Tom Emidy

Production Manager

Tom has had plenty of experience working together with and motivating people on the production floor. He has worked on many cross-functional teams with the goal of improving processes, driving out waste, and generally overseeing to make sure customer demands are met. 

For Tom, FlexConnexx™ is a way to eliminate a lot of upfront waste, and enhance transparency, collaboration and teamwork. Forming partnerships with clients through FlexConnexx™ allows him to get deliveries out on time, and get better insights into their demand and planning. He is most excited at the ability to foster creativity and continuous improvement while working with the team in order to come up with solutions that will delight customers. Drop Tom a line at [email protected]


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