PATfix: power and flexibility for PAT chromatography

HPNE is excited to introduce BIA Separationsgroundbreaking PATfix: the evolution that adds speed, power and flexibility to PAT chromatography.

Efficient PAT chromatography calls for fast and robust analytical techniques which enable to assess high quality information about critical quality attributes and key performance indicators as parallel as possible to the manufacturing process. This is where BIA Separations’ PATfix comes in.

PATfix technical features

PATfix™ HPLC is the ideal system for routine gradient separations that enables you to do every analytical task. Equipped with bio-inert ceramic heads, it is deliberately tailored to meet the demands of analytical applications covering a wide range of bio molecules. Additionally, its highly sensitive and fast multi-wave length detector enables detection of component peaks even in very fast gradients.

  • High pressure gradient pump (up to 400 bar) with integrated degasser and mixer
  • Bio-buffer compatible ceramic pump heads allowing flow rates of up to 10 mL/min also suitable for semi preparative HPLC
  • Highly sensitive multi-wavelength detector with intelligent temperature control to minimize signal drift
  • Fluorescence detector
  • Temperature controlled autosampler for maximal working efficiency
  • Extensive safety features such as leak management sensors

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What to do next?

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