SUPR bioReactor

Speed up development and simplify your bioprocess with our SUPR bioReactor, with an intuitive tube management system, and an innovative bag loading system.

  • 5:1 turndown ratio
  • Weldable tubing
  • Mitigated contamination risk

Designed for Operator Ease-of-Use

Bring biotech products to market faster with a quick start-up and changeover times, and an all-in-one single-use cultivation chamber.

SUPR bioReactor (2)

Eliminate Cross-Contamination Risks

The SUPR bioReactor is gamma irradiated, meaning no cleaning or sterilization validations are required, and all bioreactor materials are fully qualified for biological product contact.


Features & Benefits

  • Gamma irradiated
  • 50 liter and 250 liter container options
  • Closed processing
  • Click-n-Go bag loading
  • No risk of cross-contamination
  • All-in-one single-use cultivation container
  • Fast start-up and changeover
  • Simplify and speed up your bioprocess development
  • Intuitive tube management system
  • Qualified for biological product contact per USP Class VI plastics
  • No cleaning or sterilization validations required
  • Height adjustable impeller
  • Height-to-diameter ratios
  • Dished bottom


  • Cell & gene therapies
  • Diagnostics
  • mABs
  • Vaccines

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