Single-Use In-line
UV Absorbance PhotoMeter

Our PendoTECH Single-Use In-line UV Absorbance Photometer enables measurements to be made non-invasively in bioprocess operations.

  • Compact photometer with fiber optic cables
  • Measure UV absorbance in filtration and chromatography applications
  • Avoid product contact with non-invasive measurement

Single-Use UV Flow Cell

The flow cell is connected to tubing, and the measurement is made by use of a compact photometer with fiber optic cables. This flow cell contains a special silica glass lens on the wall and compartments to attach the light source and detector.


Non-Invasive Measurement

A collimated beam of light passes through a sample with a defined path length and the absorbance is determined as the ratio of the light applied from the source to what passed through the sample. The PendoTECH Single-Use UV Flow Cell enables the measurement to be made non-invasively.


Features & Benefits

  • Available in:
    • Cost effective disposable options
    • Reusable options that can be repeatedly cleaned and reused
    • Integrated to a monitor with data acquisition capability or a control system
  • Dual wavelength unit available for increased versatility
  • Two different measurements can be made with one flow cell (280 - 880nm)


  • Diafiltration
  • Tangential Flow Filtration (TFF)
  • Virus Filtration
  • Harvesting
  • Fill and Finish
  • Perfusion
  • Nano Filtration
  • Chromatography
  • Sterile Filtration
  • Research
  • Process Development
  • As well as many other applications

Technical Specs

Photometer Specifications:
Optical Configuration: Absorbance, with LED Light Source and UV Silicone Photodiode; Internal Source Reference (wavelengths available from 240-1100, contact PendoTECH for details) LED lifetime > 5 years
Transmitter Box
  • Optical connectivity via SMA905
    • Power by 12mm plug (bench mount) or screw terminals (panel mount)
  • Dimensions (WxDxH):
    • L version 3.25 x 4.51 x 2.69 inch (not including connectors/buttons) - 82.55 x 114.55 x 68.33 mm
    • P version 3.25 x 5.51 x 2.71 inch (not including connectors/buttons) - 82.55 x 139.95 x 68.83 mm Weight: .75 lbs (340 g)
Power requirement 20-30 Volts DC (100-250VAC to 24VDC supply included with bench top unit)
Output signal 4-20mA sourcing with 400ohm maximum at 24VDC via screw terminals (panel mount) or field wireable connector (bench top)
Scaled to 0-2 AU with repeatability of 1% of full scale (0.02 AU)
Typical Response Time: 1 second
Maximum Zero Shift: < 2% of full scale (<0.040AU)
Long Term Output Drift: <5% per month of full scale (<0.100 AU)
Single-Use Flow Cell Specifications:
Material Polysulfone and fused silica with silicone - ring
Pressure range Rated for pressure up to 75psi (5bar)
Biocompatibility All materials in contact with product fluid path meet USP Class VI requirements
Manufacturing Environment FDA Registered, ISO 13485 certified facility; Class 100,000 clean room
Gamma Irradiation Up to 50 kiloGrays
Operating temperature 2° C to 50° C (other ranges with process qualification)
Storage temperature -25° C to 65° C

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