Quattroflow 5k Quaternary
Diaphragm Pump

Our Quattroflow 5k Multi-Use Pump offers a stainless steel design and improvements to critical functionality for biopharma applications.

  • High flow stability, even at low flow rates
  • Flow range of 50 – 6000 lpm
  • 120:1 turn-down ratio

Watch the Video

Learn more about how our Quattroflow pumps feature innovative “All-in-One” technology, with an integration of pump chamber, pump drive, motor, and control box for a small and portable format in the video above.

Quattroflow 5K Quaternary Diaphragm Pump All-in-One Technology

Minimal Particle Generation

The QF5k has no mechanical shafts, seals, or wetted rotating parts, helping to minimize particle generation and maintain total product containment without abrasion.


Designed for high flow stability at flow rates from 50 lph to 6000 lph, the Quattroflow 5k Multi-Use Pump comes in a stainless steel pump chamber design, available for Clean-In-Place/Steaming-In-Place (CIP/SIP) and with the ability to be autoclaved.

The QF5k is unique, featuring an enhanced venting to reduce the minimum flow rate required to remove entrapped air during priming. This pump design allows for the gentle, safe, and secure conveyance of aqueous solutions and biological products that are sensitive to shear force.

Flow rates: 50 – 6000 lph
Turndown ratio: 120:1
Multi-use configuration: Stainless steel pump chambers compatible with autoclave, clean-in-place (CIP) and sterilize-in-place (SIP) protocols

Features & Benefits

  • 120:1 turn-down ratio
  • Multi-use stainless steel pump chamber design
  • Increased max. flow rate of 6,000 lph with most drives
  • Self-draining design to minimize non-recoverable product
  • Enhanced venting to reduce the minimum flow rate required to remove entrapped air during priming
  • Patented valve plate design to achieve self-draining and venting
  • Improved linear flow performance
  • High flow stability across entire flow range


  • Filtration technology
  • To recirculate feed/retentate (e.g. membrane cassettes, hollow fibre, spiral wound, ceramic elements)
  • Feed pump for filter cartridges or plate and frame depth filters
  • Chromatography -packing of chromatography columns
  • Feed pump to mix gradients, for centrifuges or separators, homogenizers, and filling machines
  • As well as many other applications

Technical Specs

Technical Specs Description 5kHT & 5kQCon
Flow Rate Maximum: 5° cam 6,000 lph
Flow Rate Minimum: 5° cam 50 lph
Pressure: Temperature of Fluid < 40° C (104° F) 6 bar (4 bar continuously)
Temperature of Fluid > 40° C (104° F) 4 bar (58 psi)
Maximum Temperature: Process 80° C (176° F)
CIP 90° C (194° F)
SIP 130° C (260° F)
Autoclave 130° C (260° F)
Pump Speed Range: rpm 13 - 1,200
Dry Suction Lift at 1,000 rpm: Height 2 m
Volume Specifications: Approximated Volume per Revolution at Free Output 91 ml
Approximated Filling Volume Without Connectors ~788 ml
Connection Specification (Standard): Connectors 1.5" TC
Position of Connectors Front

Product Comparison

1980x1356_54662591 (4)-min

Quattroflow 5k
Diaphragm Pump

  • High flow stability
  • Flow range: 50 – 6,000 lph
  • Enhanced venting
  • Self-draining design 
  • Minimize non-recoverable product
  • Multi-use pump chamber design

Quattroflow 4400
Diaphragm Pump

  • Flow rate: 0.83 - 83 lpm
  • Range of flow rates
  • High accuracy
  • Compact design
  • “All-in-One” technology
  • Extended turndown ratio
FlowMaxx Pro 2500 Quaternary Diaphragm Pump

FlowMaxx Pro 4400
Diaphragm Pump

  • Min. Flow Rate: 2.4L/min
  • Max. Flow Rate: 128L/min
  • Largest pump size
  • Low shear
  • Low heat generation
  • Low cell damage

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