Single-Use Bottles

Our Purillex Fluoropolymer bottles from Savillex were designed for downstream for applications including bulk drug substance storage and cell therapy applications.

  • Wide range of sizes from 50mL to 2000mL
  • Highest purity grades of virgin PFA, FEP resin, and gamma sterilized ETFE
  • Highly transparent for ease of use 
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Cleanest, Safest, and Highest Performance

Available in PFA, FEP, and the new to the market gamma sterilized
ETFE, our Purillex bottles are manufactured by a stretch blow molding process, adapted for fluoropolymer use by Savillex. This method allows for more accurate and precise molding of the bottle neck and thread - this gives a much more secure seal and eliminates leaks.

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Unique Design for Bioprocessing

Purillex bottles feature a wide mouthed 45 mm diameter neck with a GL45 threaded closure. The large, GL45 closure is easy to grip and widely used in the pharmaceutical industry. Additionally, a full 2.5 thread turns gives Purillex bottles greater thread engagement allows the large GL45 closure to be tightened more securely, eliminating the need for a cap liner and ensuring long term seal integrity


Features & Benefits

  • Available in 50mL to 2000mL
  • Ready-to-use design
  • Stretch blow molding for tighter seal
  • Greater thread engagement
  • Controllable, drip-free pouring
  • Eliminate the need for a cap liner
  • Long term seal integrity
  • Bottles are double-bagged and available with tamper-evident closure seals to ensure sterility is maintained
  • Produced inside a Class 7 cleanroom


Our Purillex Bottles can be used for a variety of applications, include:

  • Freezing and storage of bulk drug substance
  • Cell therapy applications

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