Custom Containers

Our custom bioprocess containers from AllpaQ have the ability to be designed to match your exact requirements.

  • Add a label, logo, or room number
  • Modify the shape or size of your tote
  • Match bag port positions for filling or draining


Our AllpaQ containers are ideal for all areas of storage, shipping, and protecting valuable media, buffer and bioprocess liquids within your facility. Almost all of our bioprocessing container types are customizable to include branding, unit modifications to accommodate your bag and process, as well as custom sizes available upon request.

Features & Benefits

  • Customization of,
    • Cleanroom containers
    • Shipping containers
    • Rigid Polypropylene Containers
    • Stainless steel containers
    • Top Drain containers
  • Include a label, room number, logo, or other branding
  • Custom sizes for any bag type available upon request


    Our AllpaQ custom bioprocess containers can be customized to fit a wide range of needs, including storage, shipping, and transportation of fluids throughout your facility and throughout the world.

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