Conductivity Monitor

Our PendoTECH Conductivity monitor reads conductivity through an mS/cm temperature adjustment that normalizes conductivity readings to 25°C.

  • Reads conductivity and temperature from sensor
  • Perform temperature normalization to 25°C
  • Reads 2 sensors
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Low cost for single use applications

Our Conductivity monitor requires no calibration because of pre-determined cell constant. They also feature optional one-point calibration by user and are low cost for single use applications.

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Integrates With Conductivity Sensors

Our PendoTECH conductivity monitor was created to work with our sensors, and are qualified for use up to 10psi (5psi after gamma irradiation).


Featuring the ability to read temperature and conductivity, our PendoTECH Conductivity Monitor was created to work in tandem with our PendoTECH Single-Use Conductivity sensors. This sensor performs temperature normalization to 25°C with adjustable mS/ °C factor, as well as 4 – 20mA outputs for both conductivity and temperature. There are both panel mount and benchtop stand versions available.

Features & Benefits

  • Reads 2 sensors
  • Ability to read temperature only
  • Reads conductivity and temperature from sensor
  • Cell constant must be entered into the monitor when new sensor is connected
  • Perform temperature normalization to 25°C with adjustable mS/ °C factor
  • 4 – 20mA outputs for both conductivity and temperature
  • RS232 output for data collection to a PC with PendoTECH PMAT Plus GUI software
  • Panel mount kit and benchtop stand available


  • Diafiltration
  • Tangential Flow Filtration (TFF)
  • Virus Filtration
  • Harvesting
  • Fill and Finish
  • Perfusion
  • Nano Filtration
  • Chromatography
  • Sterile Filtration
  • Research
  • Process Development
  • As well as many other applications

Technical Specs

Enclosure WxHxD: 7.86inch x 4.47inch x 2.25inch (19.96 x 11.35 x 5.72cm)
Approximate weight: 1.34 lbs (0.61 kg),
Material: ABS Plastic
NEMA 4X front panel; panel and wall mount optional
Keypad 8 button keypad with LEXAN overlay
Display 4 line backlit LCD
Power Inlet D9 15-24 volts DC, 4 watts (powered by wall supply) Pin 1- ground; Pin 4- +24V
Sensors Input (s) D15 female; Temperature Pin 7 (-), Pin 2 (+); Conductivity Pin 9 (high), Pin 12 (low)
Analog Output(s) D15 male (screw terminal adaptor included as shown on right)
Conductivity 4-20 mA Range: 0-100 mS
Temperature 4-20 mA Range: 0-70°C
Accuracy: 0.1% of full scale
Sourcing with Maximum Load: 400 ohms
RS232 Output Data output to a PC at frequency up to 1/sec.
Regulatory Compliances RoHS and REACH Compliant CE Mark EN613261:2013; EN61010-1:2010

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