Tube Weights

For applications requiring the highest purity and strength, our Biosinker tubing weights are the ideal solution.

  • Maintain optimal flow, depth, and placement
  • Keep a tube in place during dispense cycle
  • Obtain most efficient flow possible

Optimal Flow, Depth and Placement

Constructed of USP Class VI, ADCF (animal derived component free) PVDF, our Biosinker tubing weight will maintain optimal depth and placement of your tube to obtain the most efficient flow possible.


Pointed Biosinker Tip

The pointed tip of the Biosinker creates the ability for your tube to reach every area of your bottle, without curling, sticking, or floating.


Features & Benefits

  • Maintaining optimal tube depth
  • Unique pointed tip design
  • Reach every space in a bottle while maintaining optimal flow
  • Constructed of single-use PVDF
  • Four different sizes available:
    • ⅛"
    • ¼"
    • ⅜"
    • ½"
  • Biosinkers can be supplied to you:
    • Gamma stable
    • Autoclave stable
    • Non-sterilized
  • Biosinker replaces stainless steel options
  • Custom sizes available upon request


  • A direct replacement for a rigid dip tube
  • Keeping tube positioned during the dispense cycle
  • Preventing curling, sticking, or floating
  • As well as many other applications

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