BioProTT Flow SU System

Our innovative plug & play solution to simplify flow measurement processes in biopharma single-use applications.

  • Seamless Integration & Smart Connection
  • Easy Spec-in & Easy Order Handling
  • High Level of Features & Low Level of Maintenance

Easy to Integrate

Our innovative BioProTT FlowSU can be easily integrated into your bioprocess as the sensor can be exchanged from the system without any complicated tools.

Advanced Technology

Our BioProTT FlowSU features ultrasonic technology allowing for flow measurement and air-in-line detection in one single-use flow sensor.


The BioProTT Flow SU consists of a disposable single-use flow sensor and a mounted reusable holder to make up the BioProTT FlowSU System. The combination of these two parts allows for easy integration into single-use manifolds. The BioProTT Flow SU features the first single-use exchange sensor with no need for calibration. Featuring smart connection, once connected to the holder, only one cable is needed to get accurate measurments.

Once the system is powered and the Modbus TCP interface is set up, the sensor can be attached to the holder. Integrated electronics automatically detect the sensor size and select the correct parameter set stored in the multi-use part. The digital interface indicates when the flow path has been primed. After zeroing, the measurement can be started. As with priming, the sensor can be used as an indicator when the path is running dry. Removing the sensor at the end of the process is as easy as attaching it and requires no additional tools.

Features & Benefits

  • Standardized single-use sensor
  • Available in different sizes
  • Proven ultrasonic flow technology
  • 2-in-1 function: flow measurement & air-in-line detection with one sensor
  • Made with USP class VI material
  • Easy integration into single-use assemblies
  • Straight flow path for seamless integration and less shear stress


  • Single use systems
  • Automated processes
  • Processes utilizing flexible tubing
  • Processes sensitive to shearing effects
  • Processes requiring sterility in the lines
  • As well as many other applications

Technical Specs

Size (H x W x D) and Weight 90 x 175 x 36.5 mm; ±2 mm; 75 g
Housing material Lexan Grade HPH4404
IP Class IP 20 in unmated and/or dismounted condition IP 65 (=UL 50E Type 2) in mated and/or mounted condition
Classification of wetted parts USP Class VI, free of animal derived components and TSE/BSE
Packaging and Cleanroom Conditions packaged under ISO Class 7 cleanroom conditions compliant to USP 85, 87, 88, 661, 788, and DIN 11737-1: 2021
Connection to Evaluation Device male USB-C connector
Mounting toolless, innovative locking mechanism
Compatibility multi-use BioProTT FlowSU System
Expected Shelf Life 24 months after gamma sterilization
Medium Temperature 4° C to 60° C

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