Smithfield, Rhode Island — High Purity New England (HPNE), a leading supplier of solutions for the biopharma industry, has officially introduced a new line of fixed-bed, single-use bioreactors from Univercells Technologies for the US Market. This new highly scalable line of bioreactors is designed to ensure seamless scalability from early process development to commercial manufacturing. The scale-X™ fixed-bed bioreactor range and the NevoLine™ Upstream platform are available immediately in the U.S. market through High Purity New England.

The product line features intensified bioreactors offering growth surface areas from 2.4m² up to 600m² providing a significant increase of the surface area/volume ratio compared to conventional technologies. The fixed-bed structure provides a high surface area available for cell culture and viral production for gene therapy and vaccine applications in a very low footprint. It delivers similar fluid conditions at all scales, thus ensuring predictable cell & product behavior. This high density single-use bioreactor was created with a novel structured design for reliable & scalable production throughout upstream bioprocessing.

Integrated within advanced, automated upstream solutions, these bioreactors deliver continuously concentrated harvest for simplified purification. Process control functionalities enable continuous protocol execution & standard parameter monitoring. Additionally, the scalable design allows for the constant linear velocity of fluids and even distribution through the fixed-bed to ensure a smooth scale-up.

Based in Nivelles, Belgium, Univercells Technologies was launched in 2020 to focus on accelerating the commercialization of Univercells’ manufacturing technologies – including the scale-X bioreactor and the NevoLine platform. Univercells was founded in 2013 by José Castillo, a notable designer of previous single-use bioreactor systems that have transformed the vaccines and gene therapy industry and Hugues Bultot, experienced CEO and leader in cell culture process optimization.

As the U.S. supplier for Univercells Technologies, High Purity New England continues to supply the biopharma and biotech industries with a range of innovative products, from drug discovery and development to fill-finish, including their flagship product, custom single-use assemblies, as well as pumps, mixers, and other single-use solutions. Along with their own manufactured products for the global market, they are a distributor for 18 brands in North America. HPNE proudly supports numerous companies working on vaccines and therapeutics in the fight against COVID-19.

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