Smithfield, RI – High Purity New England, leading supplier of solutions for the biopharma industry, is now a distributor of Savillex Purillex PFA, FEP, and gamma sterilized ETFE bottles. Purillex bottles are one of the cleanest, safest, and highest performing range of fluoropolymer bottles on the market today. They are manufactured in a Class 7 cleanroom and are designed specifically for the biopharmaceutical industry, for applications including storage and shipping of bulk drugs, as well as cell therapies. These bottles range in size from 50 mL and 2000 mL, in PFA, FEP, and gamma sterilized ETFE, and are available immediately from HPNE.


Purillex bottles feature a wide mouthed 45 mm diameter neck with a GL45 threaded closure. The large, GL45 closure is easy to grip and widely used in the pharmaceutical industry. Additionally, a full 2.5 thread turns gives Purillex bottles greater thread engagement, allowing the large GL45 closure to be tightened more securely, eliminating the need for a cap liner and ensuring long term seal integrity. These bottles can be purchased with full testing and manufacturing lot certification and are available non-sterile or sterilized ready-to-use. Purillex bottles can be used as single-use systems for the freezing and storage of bulk drug substance (BDS), where the properties of the BDS require it to be stored under blast freeze conditions, i.e. down to -196°C.


Created with a stretch blow molding process, our bottles provide several key benefits, including lower particles, smoother surface finish, easier pouring, and superior sealing. This method also increases accuracy and precise molding of the bottle neck and thread, giving a much more secure seal and eliminates leaks. Additionally, the bottles are good for two years from packaged date and soon to be five years by the end of this year.


As the industry needs grow, High Purity New England, Inc. continues to supply the biopharma and biotech industries with a range of innovative products, from drug discovery and development to fill-finish, including their flagship product, custom single-use assemblies, as well as pumps, mixers, and other single-use solutions. Along with their own manufactured products for the global market, they are also a distributor for 18 brands in North America. HPNE proudly supports numerous companies working on vaccines and therapeutics in the fight against COVID-19.


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