Get to know High Purity New England! Looking for biopharma equipment and instruments of your laboratory? HPNE supplies and manufactures single-use products, connectors, tubing, components and systems to the biopharma and pharmaceutical industries.

Get connected with the best biopharma equipment on the market. Get connected with a full assembly service. The end result? An holistic start-to-finish service which optimizes your in-process supply chain.

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Custom Single-Use AssembliesImage of a single-use assembly that HPNE manufactures.

HPConnexx is our own GMP-compliant, ISO-Certified, custom, single-use assembly service. The service includes design, optimization and construction in our own ISO Class 7 cleanroom.

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Image of a BIA Seperations Monolithic Chromatography Column.

AAV Purification

Purify all sterotypes and separate empty or full capsids with fast & robust throughput. Analytical and preparative. Easy scale-up. This is where we come in!

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Image of a Krohne FLEXMAG 4050C, a flow meter that is used with single-use flow sensors. Instrumentation & Sensors

From stainless steel, single-use, and fixed flowmeters, to sensors and monitors that measure conductivity, pressure or temperature. We have it all!

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Bioreactor systemsImage of a VITVO 3D Cell Culture Bioreactor.

The Rigenerand VITVO 3D Bioreactor is ideal for rapid cell colonization in a 3D manner – enabling an in vitro real reconstruction of tissue complexity in an in vivo-like environment.

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Image of a Single-Use TFF system, with a WaterSep Cartridge attached to single-use bags. Single-Use Tangential Flow Filtration (TFF)

Our WaterSep membranes perform better, last longer, and save you money.

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Image of a FlowMaxx 150 Quaternary Diaphragm PumpPumps

We know pumps. From small to portable, single-use and stainless steel we can meet all of your companies needs.

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Image of a Biosinker Tube Weight to maintain optimal depth inside of your flasks. Biosinkers

The BioSinker will maintain the optimal depth and placement of your tube in order to obtain the most efficient flow possible.

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Pharmaceutical Tugs

Image of a MasterMover electric tug in the smallest size available.

Our complete range of electric tugs are effective, safe and easy-to-use.

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Bioprocess Rigid Containers

Image of an AllpaQ Collapsible Bioprocess Rigid Container

Hygienically designed to be cost effective, functional and versatile. The containers are foldable for efficient storage, and have open access to the drain tubes for ease of operation.

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