How to fingerprint your bioprocess with Aleš Strancar from BIA Separations

How to fingerprint your bioprocess with BIA Separations PATfix was the key topic presented by BIA Separations’ CEO, Aleš Strancar, at last week’s Lunch and Learn held at Catalyst in Cambridge.

Additionally, HPNE was among those treated to insights provided by the leading developer and manufacturer of Convective Interaction Media monolithic chromatographic columns for production, purification, and analytics of large biomolecules.

“The analysis of complex bioprocess datasets with the ultimate goal of forming a link between the data and its underlying biological patterns was fascinating,” HPNE president, Mark Sitcoske, said of the event.

“The food,” he added, “was pretty fantastic too.”

You can find Aleš’ presentation here

BIA Separations’ groundbreaking PATfix

Earlier this year, HPNE added BIA Separations’ PATfix to it’s bioprocess solutions portfolio.

Efficient PAT calls for fast and robust analytical techniques which enables you to assess high quality information about critical quality attributes and key performance indicators as parallel as possible to the manufacturing process.

In addition, Mr. Sitcoske commented: “This is where BIA Separations’ PATfix comes in. It marks an evolution that adds speed, power and flexibility to PAT chromatography.”

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